Water infiltration causes seepage, leading to cracking of cement / plaster / concrete surfaces, efflorescence, rebar corrosion and fungal growth.

The best and most cost effective way to prevent water seepage, is by treating surfaces and micro-cracks and making the structure waterproof, with deep penetration.

  • 100% Silane
  • Water-soluble nanotechnology
  • Thermal and UV stability
  • Life: 20+ years
  • Penetrative in very fine pores and cracks
  • Reactive & non-leachable

  • Acrylic co-polymer compatible with Zycosil+ & Cement
  • Seals and Waterproofs fine cracks and porous plaster
  • Water-resistant Paint Primer
  • Excellent bonding with cement / new plaster on zycosil+ treated surfaces


                                      ZYCOSIL+ & ZYCOPRIME+


  • Clean the surface thoroughly with a wire brush. Remove dirt, dust, fungus, paint, etc. Use water spray or high pressure pump if needed.
  • Allow it to dry for 12 hours
  • Slowly mix 1 ltr Zycosil+ in 20 ltrs potable water (TDS<1000 ppm)
  • Add 2 ltrs Zycoprime+ to this solution.                                                                                                                 (Zycosil + : Zycoprime +: Water in the ratio of 1:2:20)
  • Apply the above via spray/ roller brush / flooding / injection


  • Use the diluted solution within 24 hours
  • Check the treated surface for waterproofing after full drying  (3-7 days)
  • Confirm waterproofing with RILEM tube test or by water ponding
  • Never stop the application halfway or apply in patches. Always apply till saturation (no further absorption even after 2-3 minutes of spraying)
  • If you have to leave the work incomplete, small marking with chalk can be done
  • After drying, the treatment makes the surface water-resistant; Since full saturation is critical for long-term performance, it is important to saturate the surface before it has dried.


  • Horizontal : 24-40 m² (240-400 ft²)
  • Vertical : 60-100 m² (600-1000 ft²)
    (The actual coverage will depend on the porosity of the substrate)

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