• PVA free
  • Bio-eliminable modified starch additive for spun yarn sizing

ZYDEX 2400 

  • For increasing yarn strength
  • Improved abrasion resistance without increasing the paste viscosity

ZYDEX 2304

  • Synthetic water dispersible polyester resin to improve adhesive and cohesive power of spun sized yarn
  • Suitable for Cotton / PC / PV blends
  • Ideal for fine cotton counts and denser sorts

ZYDEX 2450 

  • Polyester resin
  • Acts without affecting the viscosity of size paste
  • Excellent bonding between fibers along with surface bonding
  • Good abrasion resistance and strength
  • Improved loom efficiency If used with single shot sizing products at 2 – 5% additionally (according to the loom type)
  • Helps in shed opening during weaving by keeping good separation of warp threads

ZYDEX 2451

  • Flexible polyester resin polymer binder
  • Resin with easy solubility
  • Helps with reduction in hairiness in the sized yarn
  • Flexible and even film formation over the surface of the sized yarn
  • Helps to replace PVA partly or fully
  • Easy desizability
  • Easy effluent disposal

ZYDEX 2301

  • Excellent coating and hairiness control
  • Improves wet pick-up
  • Improved abrasion resistance

 ZYDEX 2350

  • For hairiness control and improved strength
  • Can replace PVA partially / fully and can be used for coarser to finer counts

ZYDEX 4502

  • Low odour polymeric softener for improved lubricity, bonding and easy desizability

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