Zydex Industries.
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Zydex Nano technology is a breakthrough for lowering the life cycle cost of asphalt roads, concrete roads and gravel dirt roads.
·         Zycotherm: warm mix, 100% coating, workability, low temperature compaction, Anti-stripping performance
·         Nanotac: Tack coat with 100 % coverage, waterproofing, trackless and quick set (15 min.)
·         Terraprime: Penetrative prime coat up to 5- 7 mm, bonding, waterproofing of the base.
·         Terrasil: Soil stabilization with 500 % CBR improvement, 90 % reduction in expansivity are key benefits.
·         Terrasil and co-additives: waterproofing of potholes, cracks, soil sub-bases and gravel dirt roads.
Road Construction
Pavement Preservation
Soil stabilization & Dust control