Research & Development

Since its establishment in 1997, Zydex has been developing, creating and providing sustainable eco-friendly chemical technologies for the Agriculture sector, Textiles sector, Roads sector and the Construction sector.

Zydex is deeply committed to the environment's sustenance and preservation of limiting resources. Innovative application is central to Science & Technology. With its unique products and innovative applications Zydex is on its way to leading a revolution World over.

Here are some of the important breakthrough technologies by Zydex:

  • Nanotechnology Waterproofing for Concrete, Stones, Bricks & all siliceous substrates.
  • Nanotechnology Waterproofing & Stabilized Soil bases
  • Nanotechnology Asphalt additives for Hot & Warm mixes.
  • Nanotechnology Asphalt additives for Bitumen Emulsion
  • PVC Free Water based inks.
  • Water based polyester resin.
  • Anti-Microbial Silanes (Methanol free) for textile.
  • Emulsified Fuel (F.O.) for Efficiency improvement (8-10%).
  • Soil Conditioners for dramatically higher crop yields.

Research & Development

R&D is the backbone of Zydex Industries. Innovative approach to Research has enabled Zydex to come up with a range of breakthrough technologies. Zydex Labs benchmark themselves with the best in the World. The three Zydex Labs are the epicenter of all the developments leading to revolutionary technologies.