Fast Facts

Establishment in 1997

Zydex Worldwide Breakthrough Technologies are:

  • Nanotechnology Waterproofing for Concrete, Stones, Bricks & all siliceous substrates.
  • Nanotechnology Waterproofing for Soil bases
  • Nanotechnology Asphalt additives for Hot, Cold & Warm mixes.
  • Print pigment like reactive ( Reactive Pigment Printing)
  • PVC Free Water based inks.
  • Water based polyester resin.
  • Anti-Microbial Silanes (Methanol free) for textile.
  • Emulsified Fuel (F.O.) for Efficiency improvement (8-10%).
  • Soil Conditioners for dramatically higher crop yields.

Dr. Ajay Ranka C.E.O

Ph.D. (Polymer Science and Engg), USA

  • A chemical Engineer & Doctorate in Polymer Science & Engineering.
  • Worked with PPG Industries, USA, as R & D Specialist
  • Recognized as a top notch scientist for outstanding pioneering work in Polymer Chemistry & Nanotechnology
  • Holder of many American, European & Indian patents
  • Associated with many social, business & trade organizations
  • A staunch supporter of education through philanthropy