Manufacturing Unit

Zydex plants are committed to high safety standards, with a highly proficient technical and trained maintenance support team. Our state-of-the-art plant is located in Luna, on the outskirts of Vadodara City.

The plant is developed in an area spanning 60,000sqm with the manufacturing area, spread over 10,000sqm. The total manufacturing capacity of the plant is about 2000 MT per month, 6000sqm facility to store raw materials & finished goods is equipped with the latest material handling equipment to manage the various goods logistics efficiently. The plant is equipped with the latest effluent treatment system resulting in zero discharge. Additionally, our promise to guarantee and deliver consistent quality is backed by our single point process controlled plant with advance PLC systems. A new 100,000sqm grass root plant is also underway to cater to the growing demand of the various product ranges at Gavasad, (near Vadodara).

Quality Control & Application Development

Zydex accords highest priority to both raw material and finished product quality. At the same time R&D of any new products in the area of road construction, textile, agriculture etc. is also done here. Quality Control Procurement of all raw materials is done from rated domestic and international suppliers only. The plant and QC are SAP driven to ensure consistent quality. Specification standards for all products have been clearly laid out. The aim is to achieve six sigma standards for quality control and assurance. Zydex has outlined the unique features of every product with clarity and precision. The products are fully checked for these attributes in the application development facilities before dispatch. New applications for existing products are also being continuously developed.