Agriculture Solutions

Agriculture Solutions

Zydex is committed towards innovation in Agriculture to ensure global food security, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

FAO reports indicate that the global food production must increase by 70% by 2050 to meet the ever-growing population’s needs. With this in mind, Zydex has innovated a technology that not only increases yield, quality and shelf-life of the produce but also helps reduce water consumption and chemical inputs. 

Zytonic-M is a soil activating technology that improves soil porosity and water holding capacity, thereby promoting the proliferation of naturally occurring microbial and fungal strains present in the soil. This results in a robust soil ecology that boost’s nutrient uptake and crop growth, resulting in benefits of improved crop output and reduced chemical input.


 Higher yield                    Reduction in                  Improved soil  
   & Quality                          Irrigation               porosity & enhanced 
                                                                                   soil biology










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