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    We provide Agriculture, Textile, Road and Water Proofing & Paint Sollutions. Know more About Us through our Website.

  • About Us
    • Vision and Values

      To Limit the Use to Natural Resources is our most Important Goal. Read more about our Vision and Values.

    • Research & Development

      Its through Research and Development we have come up with range of various Breakthrough Technologies.

    • Leadership Team

      Our Leaders Dr. Ajay Ranka (CEO) and Dr Prakash Mehta are specialists in the polymer chemistry field.

    • Facilities

      Our high end Facilties include highly Safe Manufacturing Unit and Quality Control & Application Development.

    • Milestones

      We are proud to show you our Milestones, and how we have Evolved over time.

    • Global Footprints

      We have Globally established our footprints in following countries and still flourishing.

  • Products & Solutions
    • Agriculture Solutions

      We provide Agriculture Solutions according to requirements of 21st century.

    • Textile Solutions

      We provide Textile Solutions according to customers requirements so that.

    • Waterproofing & Paint Solutions

      We provide Waterproofing & Paint Solutions to Protect Civil Structures from Prolonged Exposure to Water.

    • Road Solutions

      Our Road Solutions comprise of Nanotechnology for Building Moisture Resistant, Long Lasting & Maintenance Free Roads.

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    • Fast Facts

      Established in 1997 and growing since, under guidance of our leaders.

    • Happenings

      Read about our Happenings here, some are Formal and Informational while some are Informal Fun Activities.

    • Awards & Recognitions

      We proudly flaunt our Awards and Recognitions.

    • Success Stories

      Visit the page to know about our Success Stories in Road, Agriculture, Textile and Waterproofing & Paint Solutions.

    • Videos

      Watch different Videos of respective Divisions and Understand our Company in a Better way.

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    • Life @ Zydex

      Read to know how is Life at Zydex and how much we Value our Employees by giving them Right Orientation, Up To Date Technologies and Friendly Policies.

    • Opportunities

      Visit our Opportunities page to stay updated with Upcoming Opportunities at Zydex.

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      Complete our Online Application and Apply for your Desired Post Online.

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    Incase of any Query feel free to reach us anytime by just Filling this Form.

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      Please find the Contacts of Respective Concerned Officials according to their Division.

    • Head & Branch Offices

      Find the Contact Information of our Head Office and other Branches as well.

      Zydex Industries (Head Office)

      Zydex House, 61, Gotri-Sevasi Road,
      Sevasi, Vadodara- 391101

      Phone: +91 265 3312000
      FAX: +91 265 3312111